What Are Electrostatic Headphones?

electrostatic headphones

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When it comes to headphones, there are different types of headphones available, and Electrostatic Headphones are top of the line, premium headphones that offer the flawless Audio. You can consider the Electrostatic Headphones as the Royal Royce or Rolex of the headphones world. So, if you are wondering what Electrostatic Headphones are, then you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Electrostatic Headphones. Let’s get started.

What are Electrostatic Headphones?

Electrostatic Headphones are basically the top of the line Headphones which are known for their clarity, impressive detail, and low distortion. These headphones are very expensive, and they are preferred by audiophiles who want the best sound quality without any compromise.

How Electrostatic Headphones Work?

Before we discuss the working of Electrostatic Headphones, it’s important that you understand how regular headphones work. The regular headphones use the metal conductors to move the driver diaphragm. When it comes to Electrostatic Headphones, the Diaphragm itself moves directly and produces high-quality Sound.

The Electrostatic Headphones come with a very thin sheet (mainly made of “Mylar”), and it’s just a few microns thick. The sheet sits between the two charged conductive plates, and one plate has a positive charge while the other one has a negative charge. Now, the Electrostatic Headphones work when this thin sheet starts moving towards either plate, the very high-quality Sound is produced.

What are the Major Attributes of Electrostatic Headphones?

The unique thing about Electrostatic Headphones is that they produce Sound using a very different way, which is surely a very sophisticated process, but it also generated a very high-quality sound. Let’s take some of the major Attributes of Electrostatic Headphones.

  • Very Less Distortion
  • Transient Response
  • Frequency Range
  • Accurate Sound

Very Less Distortion

One of the defining attributes of Electrostatic Headphones is that these headphones come with very less distortion. Electrostatic Headphones achieve less distortion by using “No Moving parts.” The traditional headphones come with many mechanical components, which cause a lot of distortion in the Sound.

However, when it comes to Electrostatic Headphones, the Electrostatic setup doesn’t require any mechanical moving part, and hence you get the very smooth Sound with very little distortion. It’s one of the major reasons why audiophiles adore Electrostatic Headphones.

Transient Response

The conventional headphones usually come with heavy and mechanically driven diaphragms, making it difficult for them to move at a higher rate. As a result, you get Sound with less clarity and details. However, when it comes to Electrostatic Headphones, the Diaphragm has almost no mass at all, which allows it to move at incredibly fast speed. As a result, you get a very clear and detailed Sound.

Frequency Range

Frequency Range is another defining attribute of Electrostatic Headphones. The normal headphones come with multiple drivers to produce various frequency responses, which result in unwanted deviations. However, Electrostatic Headphones don’t require multiple drivers, and a single driver can generate a wide frequency range, resulting in better sound quality.

Accuracy Sound

Another defining attribute of Electrostatic Headphones is accurate Sound. The conventional headphones come with great components, but still, they cannot produce very accurate Sound. However, it’s not the case with Electrostatic Headphones. These headphones can generate Sound with great accuracy, which is surely a treat for audiophiles.

What is the Price range of Electrostatic Headphones?

Electrostatic Headphones are the premium headphones, that’s why they are very expensive. Their price varies from company to company, and you can get the basic Electrostatic Headphones for around $2000. The expensive ones go up to $50,000 as well. You can also get the used Electrostatic Headphones for around $1000, but these headphones are incredibly rare, and you won’t find them for resale very often.

Pros and Cons of Electrostatic Headphones

Now that you know what Electrostatic Headphones are and how they work. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Electrostatic Headphones.


These are the various Pros of using Electrostatic Headphones.

High-Quality Sound

The biggest advantage of using Electrostatic Headphones is that you will get a very high-quality sound. The Sound will be with very less distortion, and it will also be very clear. So, if you are fond of great Audio and you want the best Sound, then Electrostatic Headphones is surely a solid option for you.

Wide Frequency Range

Electrostatic Headphones come with a wide frequency range, which allows the headphones to generate high-quality Sound. You also won’t experience any deviation as the Sound will be generated by a single driver.

Adjustable Sound

Electrostatic Headphones mainly depend on the amplifiers, which give you the opportunity to adjust the Sound by using the different amplifiers. The problem with this benefit is that the Electrostatic Headphone amplifiers are incredibly expensive, so if you want to experience the different sound profiles, you will need to spend a lot of money.


These are the cons of Electrostatic Headphones

Very Expensive

The biggest con of Electrostatic Headphones is that they are incredibly expensive. A good Electrostatic Headphones can cost you around $10,000 to $20,000, and if you want to get top of the line Electrostatic Headphones, it will cost you more money. On top of that, if you want to enjoy the various flavors of the Sound, you will need to get the separate Electrostatic Headphones amplifiers as well, which are also very expensive.

Poor Portability

Another problem with Electrostatic Headphones is that they don’t come with a portable design. Usually, they are large in size, and they don’t come with foldable design, which makes it difficult to carry them around.


That’s all, folks. Now you know what Electrostatic Headphones are and how they work. If you are an audiophile and you are willing to spend $$$$ on headphones, then you can go for Electrostatic Headphones. Otherwise, you can get dynamic headphones that will cost you less money, and they also produce decent Sound. Let us know your thoughts on Electrostatic Headphones in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more useful guides on Headphones.

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