For those who don’t know Sudio, it is a Swedish company that already has a lot of experience in this matter of audio products (in fact, years ago I told you how it went with the Sudio Regent ) and one of its characteristics is that they have the well-known Swedish design lines to your headphones. These are the TOLV R model and we are going to see how they behave both on a day-to-day basis and when playing sports with them.


Characteristics of the Sudio TOLV R

Let’s start with what is included in the box of the TOLV R. Here is the minimalism that prevailed in the presentation of Sudio. We find the case with the two headphones already inside. This case, as I will tell you now, will be the one that we take everywhere and the one that will be in charge of keeping the TOLV R battery always full.

In addition, we have a short micro USB cable to charge the box itself and several sizes of pads to adapt to the one that best suits us and with the one that we get the best fit. As I always say, this is very important, especially if we are going to use the headphones to do sports, as is my case, so we avoid them moving or falling while we run or move fast.

Sudio TOLV R analysis

Finally, there are some manuals and cards, but the truth is that the operation of the headphones is extremely simple.

Instant sync with mobile

Pairing the Sudio TOLV R with the smartphone for the first time is as easy as taking the headphones out of the case and selecting them in the Bluetooth menu of our mobile. That’s it, without pressing buttons, or anything. Take out and done . Very positive experience in this regard. From that moment on, every time we put them in the box they will turn off, and when we take them out they will automatically connect to the mobile.

This case, by the way, is quite compact and well finished. Its lid is magnetic and the closure shows no signs of weakness, the mechanism is solid. The union of the headphones with the case itself is also magnetized so that it is enough to leave them so that they “stick” and start charging. This also prevents them from falling if for whatever reason we leave the lid open.

All controls and access to the voice assistant in the Sudio TOLV R

The design of the headphones is compact and once put on they fit well in the ear (again, it is important to choose the correct cushion).

Each of them has a large outer button, so there is no loss. With one press we make “play/pause” of the song, with a double right touch we advance to the next song, and with a double left touch we return to the previous one.

In addition, by holding down any of them for a few seconds we will activate our virtual assistant on the smartphone , that is, Siri in the case of using iOS (iPhone) and the Google Assistant if we use an Android smartphone.

Finally, a little trick that is not indicated in the manual is that if we press the button three times, we will raise or lower a volume point (depending on whether we do it on the right or the left).


The truth is that I like these controls, I usually prefer physical buttons before touch controls. Especially because running and bouncing I know what I’m playing and I have an immediate response.

Overall, the battery can last up to 22 hours

A highlight of these Sudio TOLV R is the total autonomy of the battery considering how small they are. With a single charge (that is, taking them out of the case at 100%) we will have up to 5.5 hours of music playback. Obviously, I have not spent almost 6 hours wearing them, but I have used them for about 3 and a half between training and working in front of the computer, all without putting them back in the box and they had no signs of running out.

Also, keep in mind that the case itself has a 500mAh capacity battery, which will give us a total of 22 hours of playback time. I already told you, the battery is very good, especially considering that I use this type of headphones at times throughout the day, and every time I keep them in the box they start to charge yes or yes.

Perhaps this good autonomy also comes from using Bluetooth 5.0 Class 2 connectivity. In terms of compatibility, they are Bluetooth headphones that we can connect to practically any device. I have used them without problems with iPhone, and Android, connecting them directly to my MacBook Pro and even directly with the Apple Watch to listen to downloaded music on the watch from Apple Music and Overcast podcast.

Review and opinion of the Sudio TOLV R

In actual use, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these are very round wireless headphones, the sound quality is excellent in my opinion and you will also like them if you prefer the presence of bass. The battery is very top, the portability of the case is good, the connectivity and simplicity of synchronization is practically invisible and they are prepared to resist sweat without problems.