All of them have common factors, they are oriented to sports activities and therefore provide extra comfort to the athlete, with fastening systems that prevent falls during exercise, good sound quality and are also resistant to all types of conditions. weather, sweat and bumps. Yurbuds cannot be missing from that list, this American brand created by two athletes in search of perfect headphones landed not long ago in Spain with a wide variety of models .

Yurbuds Inspire Pro Headphones Review

Today we leave you our analysis and opinion of the Yurbuds Inspire Pro , one of the most advanced sports headphones from the manufacturer, an official partner of the well-known IronMan franchise and which shows both its characteristic red color and the number of logos that we find in the protection bag and in the cables and elements themselves.

The first time we see a Yurbuds model, not just these Inspire Pro, we are surprised by the shapes of their “heads”, that is, the earphone itself. If there is something that characterizes this brand, it is its in-ear fixing system, while others opt for headband shapes or similar, Yurbuds has its own patented technology called TwistLock.

A good fixation is essential to not be more aware of the helmets than of the training itself and I have to say TwistLock has surprised me. I’m not a big fan of the in-ear type, so I thought I wouldn’t fit or fit these Inspire Pro, however, after seeing some examples of how they are placed and practicing 4 or 5 times, you get the hang of it fast.

You can see it in the video, you just have to insert the headset and make a small 90-degree turn to finish putting them in place. From that moment, the Yurbuds Inspire Pro are totally fixed and you can already pull the cable or move your head like crazy, they don’t fall out. It’s amazing.

TwistLock, the Yurbuds patented fixing system

Actually, all that red cap that you see in the images is made of silicone and if we remove it (it’s very easy and simple, ideal for washing them), we see that underneath we have traditional earbuds. I have worn them for hours and they are comfortable and very light . The audio quality is also very good, although the level of bass varies depending on the placement, but in general they sound very good and if the player and the quality of the songs go along, they sound great even at high volume.

These Yurbuds Inspire Pro also have controls integrated into the cable itself . We find 3 buttons to control music playback in the middle area in the form of a Y, with them it is also possible to receive calls (there is a microphone) and hang up if we connect them to a device, although it is only compatible with Apple terminals ( iPhone, iPod and iPad) and not with Android.

Playback controls, calls and waterproof

Both the controls and the headphone set are resistant to sweat and water (they are IPX 5 certified) and are also designed not to isolate the athlete from the outside, that is, they let more ambient sound through than other headphones at the same time. volume level. For the rest, in the package there are two different sizes of silicone adapters, a clip to hook the cable to your clothes and a comfortable carrying bag.


The Yurbuds Inspire Pro, like all other models, have a lifetime guarantee against any defect that may arise. Personally, my opinion of them is very good, I had always used a headband Sennheiser PMX680 and this Twistlock fastening system is also totally valid. You have more info on the manufacturer’s website  and you can buy them at a price of about €50  on both Amazon and Wiggle .