Review of the SoundPeats Q11 and M20 headphones

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We are going to review two more pairs of headphones , on the one hand the SoundPeats Q11 , indicated for sports because their main virtue is in the ear-fit mode and they have Bluetooth connectivity.

On the other hand, I will give you a review of the SoundPeats M20 , a model that, unlike the previous one, is not Bluetooth, so it is designed for those who do not want to be aware of the battery , but yes, without dedicated adjustment for the ear , so they are more delicate to stay hooked.

Analysis and opinion of the SoundPeats Q11

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Q9A  and, due to its way of hooking to the ear, it is inevitable to compare them with the Q11. These are in-ear headphones whose design allows them to surround the ear on the inside.

That is, this kind of "hook" prevents the headphones from moving continuously with the movements of the head. Be careful, it is not a piece that tightens, on the contrary, the hook  is flexible and we can force its shape to fit it better.

The SoundPeats Q11 are Bluetooth headphones , that is, wireless, they use BT 4.1 so they are compatible with practically any smartphone today, and can also be used with a computer or any other gadget with Bluetooth connectivity (for example an advanced player) .

They are recharged by MicroUSB  (it is protected by a rubber cover to prevent moisture from entering) and the battery has a battery life of about 5 hours , although testing them continuously on the PC has exceeded that figure.

As for the design, there are clear differences between the SoundPeats Q11 and the Q9A. They are less bulky and the control buttons are now on the cable that surrounds the head. It has 3 buttons:  volume control and playback control , which also helps us to go between songs or take a call.

The sound quality is quite good, it is heard very clearly and, since in my case they are for exercising, they are more than sufficient and above average. On paper they do not have any type of IP certification, but there are no problems with sweat , yes, do not put them under the water tap either. Of course, their price is higher, theoretically they exceed €100, but the reality is that they are always around €35-39 and they come with a case to store them with the rubber bands of different sizes and the charging cable.

Analysis and opinion of the SoundPeats M20 headphones

On the other hand, these are the SoundPeats M20 that, unlike the previous ones, are wired , so they connect with the classic 3.5-millimeter jack to any device.

The M20 are  quite simple headphones , a good option for everyday use, for the gym or, if the in-ears fit you well, also for exercising. I say this because in this case there is no type of support for the ear , no hooks, no parts for the internal part. So if you are going to buy them for running or for any activity, make sure that in general the in-ears fit you very well, because if they don't, they will fall off.

They come with three different sizes of pads and their cable is flat to prevent tangles (although we know that we know that we will always end up with an inhuman knot when removing them from the backpack). As they go by direct cable, we forget to recharge the battery and other stories.

The volume and playback control will have to be done from the phone itself or MP3, although the SoundPeats M20 does have a physical button on the cable itself to pause/play and hang up/pick up calls, since they also have a built-in microphone for to talk.

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