Within Bluetooth headphones for running and sports in general, the Bose SoundSport has always occupied a very prominent place among the options for those who are willing to stretch the budget without a problem. The Bose Sport Earbuds are an improvement on the SoundSport Free above all in terms of comfort.


Fit and comfort

The Bose Sport Earbuds are in-ear type headphones, that is, they have a rubber band that is inserted into the ear canal, but it is not the standard in-ear . These rubbers are wider, have more contact surface and are not as aggressive as the round in-ears. That is, they do not go so deep or become annoying when you have not taken them off for several hours.

In addition, the Sport Earbuds’ own rubber integrates a hook that is the real thing in charge of keeping the headphones from moving even a millimeter from their place . This hook is fixed inside, in the crease of the ear. You simply have to insert them and make a turning movement to leave them fixed.

This fit is very good, they don’t fall off running with them or spurt sweat on the trainer. The support is excellent in my case, but being an inside hook, the best test is the one you do yourself because each one has an ear. Of course, along with the headphones come up to 3 different sizes of rubber bands + hook.

In my case I had to opt for the smallest of all, but you can keep trying until you find the right one. The rubber bands, by the way, are easily removed and put on for cleaning if necessary.

Another improved aspect compared to the Bose SoundSport is its size. The Sport Earbuds are slightly more compact, although they still protrude from the ears, but less, and they are light so they do not take inertia even in sudden movements.

Sound quality and touch control

Bose sport earbuds review opinion-1

On the headphones themselves we do not find any physical button. To control the Bose Sport Earbuds we will do it with touches on them, or by sliding across their surface. Personally, and as I have already commented on some other occasion, I prefer physical controls in sports headphones, because they allow me to get to the point and do what I want to do at that moment without having to fight with a touch control that may not always work as well. we want.

That said, they don’t work badly here, although I’m missing the go-to-previous-song control, as we can only skip to the next by double-tapping the left earbud. These are all the controls:

  • 2 taps on the left: skip the song.
  • 2 touches on the right: play / pause / take a call (if it is coming in)
  • Press and hold the right: access the phone’s virtual assistant or hang up an incoming call.
  • Swiping up or down on the right earbud increases or decreases the volume.

This last sliding function must be activated from the Bose Music application installed on the mobile, it is deactivated by default.

As you can see, the right earphone is the one that performs practically all the actions, but from the app we can also change the behavior of the double-tap so that it tells us the battery information.

And as is often the case with all these wireless sports headphones, they automatically turn on when you take them out of the case and connect to your mobile/watch via Bluetooth, and turn off when you put them back in the box. All good in that sense, without cuts or bad connections in these weeks.

Bose sport earbuds review opinion-3

As for the sound quality , I would say that the audio is quite balanced. Bose has opted for a fairly flat profile in this model, it is not one of those headphones that emphasize bass above all else.

It is missing that from the Bose Music application you can change the EQ settings, it would be nice to be able to adjust it based on music styles or simply the user’s preferences.

On the other hand, in these headphones we do not have any kind of active noise cancellation technology . We only have the minimum passive cancellation that the earphone rubbers give us and in a real environment with outside noise, the truth is that the isolation is very slight. However, thinking about sports use, where on many occasions it is convenient for us not to isolate ourselves from the environment for safety (traffic, warnings, other people…), many users will appreciate it.

Bose Sport Earbuds Battery

The autonomy of the Bose Sport Earbuds is placed in the middle zone: we have 5 hours of battery life every time we take them out of their case. Enough for the vast majority of runners and athletes, who will rarely spend more than 5 hours at a time with their headphones on (unless you get lost in the mountains all day).

In addition, the charging case allows the headphones to be recharged twice to 100%, so in total, we have 15 hours of battery life .

A very good point: we have fast charging, in just 15 minutes inside the case the Sport Earbuds recover battery to spend up to 2 more hours playing music. This is great for when we have to go out to train and we realize that they are exhausted.

Regarding the charging case, it is not one of the most compacts, and it would be appreciated if it were a little smaller, especially if you are going to carry it in your pocket during the day. Good detail is that it has 5 LED indicators that inform us at all times of the remaining battery.

The headphones are attached to the case by magnets, but the lid of the box itself is not magnetized, but rather opens by pressing a button/tab, and this prevents it from being opened accidentally.

When it comes to charging it, it has a USB Type C port, so there is no problem charging anywhere and with the vast majority of current smartphone chargers.