If you are looking for the best headphones for swimming, here we review the best aquatic headphones and MP3 players for swimming , we analyze the best options to listen to music swimming, either in the pool or in the sea, completely resistant to water, with controls comfortable, good fit and at different prices.

In Word of Runner we have already talked on several occasions about how music can help us make training and exercise sessions more enjoyable and bearable, especially when they are long training sessions. Here sports headphones come into play, since there are many specific models prepared for training.

If we talk about swimming headphones , you have to make a much more specific selection of all those submersible models and MP3 that can withstand a good swimming session. We will be honest, there are many options on the market, but we prefer to focus on the ones we consider most suitable instead of bombarding you with a thousand models. We go with them.

Characteristics of good aquatic earphones and swimming MP3

What should a good swimming headset have? That is the key question that many swimmers ask themselves when the search for an accessory of this type begins. And it is that just as there are common characteristics between pure sports headphones, there are also things to look for when buying aquatic helmets .

Complete resistance to water and continuous immersion

It seems like a truism, but it is not at all the same as headphones being waterproof, and that we can use them for swimming.

Usually the models in which it is indicated that they are resistant to water, refer to the fact that they withstand sweat, splashes without problem, that you can use them in the rain without breaking… in those cases, IP57 certification is usually spoken of as a general rule. .

Now, in an aquatic MP3 player or swimming helmets, they usually talk about IPX8 certification , that is, they are completely resistant to total, complete and continuous immersion  in water. Therefore they are built to withstand swimming sessions, usually up to 3 meters deep, for long periods of time without breaking.

Good seal between earpiece and ear canal

If the water manages to penetrate between the ear and the headset, you will have a lot of discomfort during training. As I have said before, accessories such as headphones should never be a distraction. We want to train with greater comfort, not be aware of whether they come loose, if water enters or they stop working. From experience, it is very annoying when water seeps between the cushion and the ear canal, so I always recommend putting on the headphones when they are completely dry.

In headphones for water, we will practically always find in-ear pads, because they are the best for isolating the ear canal from the outside and thus preventing liquid from entering and being able to listen to music more clearly. I repeat the importance of putting them on before getting wet, because afterwards it will be difficult to dry the area 100%. In recent years, more models have appeared that work by bone conduction, we discuss them below.

Try until you find the pads of your size

All models come with pads of different sizes and thicknesses, so they can be adapted to the ears of all athletes. Do not hesitate to dedicate a few workouts to test what size is ideal.

It is worth spending time on this because in the end you will end up not worrying and enjoying the aquatic headphones more .

What do I choose, submersible headphones or underwater MP3?

Here we will talk about both, although in many cases both terms serve to refer to the same thing. The reason is that all these headphones for swimming are an all in one , that is, we will carry the music “on top” since many have internal memory, although we will also see some loose headphones that can be attached to a swimming MP3 (in case you already had one).

Apple Watch and swimming in a pool.

What about Bluetooth? Bluetooth connection does not work underwater, data transmission is not possible. Therefore, even if we have waterproof Bluetooth headphones, they are NOT suitable for swimming, because we will not be able to connect them to the smartphone or the watch (for example, if we use an Apple Watch with music or a Garmin), because the connection will be cut in the water.

In any case, we will see some that are versatile and are headphones with internal memory but also work with Bluetooth to use them out of the water (running, in the gym…), as is the case with several Sony aquatic MP3 models.

Now yes, after these premises, let’s get down to business with the best underwater headphones :