7 options for children’s headphones for little ones

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For both studies and entertainment, children’s headphones can make a child’s life easier. See models for purchase

Many children’s headphones even have a sound limiter, so that the volume remains within the age-appropriate range.

Whether it’s for school activities at home, watching a movie on the go, or playing a video game online with friends, a comfortable kids’ headset can make a difference in kids’ enjoyment. Especially in the case of headphones, headphones built to have a support on the head and a kind of cushion in the ears, opting for an option that has a good size and good sound regulation is important for use. Check out below seven models of children’s headphones specially designed for children:

1. Foldable earphone 

Children's headphone with folding stem, in white and pink, with print


This model has a built-in volume limiter, which keeps the sound below 85 decibels to prevent hearing damage. The plastic material of the headset does not contain Bisphenol A, a compound present in plastics that can be harmful to the health of babies and children, maintaining a safety standard. In addition, the headset adopts a foldable and lightweight design, which takes up less space and makes it easier for little ones to carry the accessory in their backpack. It comes with an audio cable and charging cable for the Android model.

2. JBL wired headset 

JBL Brand Red and Blue Headphone, one of Amazon's children's headphone options

Recommended by Amazon for its good reviews and good price, this headphone also has a controlled sound level of up to 85 decibels and has a specific design for children. It has an integrated microphone, wired operation and comes with a sticker sheet for the little ones to customize the phone. It belongs to the JBL brand, a reference in products that provide audio experiences, such as headphones and speakers.

3. Headphone with adjustable headband

Children's headphones with cord and flexible bow in pink


The headset is made with high quality material, resistant to drops and bends. Padded ear cushions provide greater comfort and create greater sound insulation from outside noise. The model also features a volume limiter, as well as a removable cable that guarantees more freedom of movement and is easy to store and replace in case the child loses it or breaks the cable. The arch is adjustable, allowing a better fit, according to the shape of each child’s head, and preventing falls during use.

4. Headphone with audio splitter

Motorola headphones in blue color with noise distributor and cable


In addition to being available in two colors, blue and pink , the differential of this model is the possibility of sharing the audio with another headphone: through the integrated audio splitter for sharing, it offers the possibility of connecting up to 2 headphones at the same time in a single electronic device. It has noise isolation, play/pause control, sound limitation suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years and anti-allergic, BPA-free (Bisphenol-A) pad.

5. Headset with microphone

White Multilaser headphone with built-in microphone

Available in white, orange, pink, purple and blue, with some price variations, the Multilaser headset with microphone has a p2 wire connector, a model compatible with most electronics on the market. It also provides sound in hi-fi power quality, which provides greater reality and immersion in the sound coming out of the headset. The stem is also adjustable for better comfort.

6. Stamped headset

Five models of printed children's headphones, with varied colors and children's designs

The varied prints of children’s headphones are, in themselves, an attraction for children, but the model also has specifications designed for a good user experience. The headband is retractable, suitable for ages 3-16, with different head sizes, and the audio jack specified by the manufacturer is compatible with input from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more. The headset is lightweight and compact, easy to store in backpacks, purses, or suitcases. It has a built-in volume of 85db, ideal for children’s hearing.

7. Wireless headset

Wireless pink and light blue children's earphones

With safe audio within the parameters of children’s headphones, this model has an integrated microphone and works by electrical charging and bluetooth connection, with the devices, without the need to use connection cables. According to the manufacturer, it has a playback capacity of up to 30 hours and easy-to-use buttons, contributing to a good user experience for children. Comes with a set of stickers for personalization.

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